I’ve been a creative nugget ever since I could grasp a pair of scissors, a Prittstick and a felt-tip pen in my teeny toddler mitts. Through school I would spend hours making my work look pretty and geometrically perfect and when it came to choosing my degree subject, geography (a.k.a. colouring in), seemed the natural choice.

As it turned out the computer does most geographical colouring in for you these days, but whilst there’s less call for cutting and sticking in adult life than there is at a playgroup arts and crafts table, I have managed to maintain my creative style, making dressing up outfits, baking cakes, helping at Brownies and – this is where this little corner of the internet comes in – making greetings cards.

Personally homemade cards are always the best type to receive, whether they be a wonky work of art produced by your little sprogg or a card lovingly put together by your better  half. They tell you that you’re special, rather than an afterthought on a shopping trip or – worst of all – forgotten altogether and your card was in actual fact whipped out of a stand-by supply kept in the cupboard.

Not wishing to sound like the greeting-card police or to alienate those who view remembering to send a card at all an achievement, I will try and provide some helpful hints and tips in each post to show you how long each card takes to make, how much it will cost and how you can adapt the card for different occasions. I know that time can be hard to find, so most cards will take under half an hour to make. I’ve also provided a list of equipment you’re likely to need for your card-making exploits here.

Happy Card Making!


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Tasteful homemade cards in a jiffy!

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Tasteful homemade cards in a jiffy!

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