The Simple Cut-Out

Step 2

This design arose when I could take only the bare minimum of card-making paraphernalia to a village in Spain where my eldest brother was to be married. I was then faced with the task of creating a tasteful wedding card with my limited supplies. Upon my return, I made an alternative design, which is featured here.


– An A4 sheet of shiny pale pink paper

– A pre-folded shiny dark pink A6 card

– A dark pink envelope

– A ruler

– Prittstick

– Nail scissors

– A gold metallic pen

– A pencil

I also required a cereal box from which to cut out a template. I’ll soon be posting a printable version of the template I used, along with templates for other shapes. Remember, the card, paper and envelope can be whatever size or colour you like.


1. Mark out a square or rectangle from the paper that is roughly 2cm smaller in width and length than your folded card. You can do this either with a ruler for a clean-cut effect or freehand for a more rustic feel. If you like, mark out the rectangle with a pretty coloured pen so that when you cut it out, you are left with a thin border.  Cut out the rectangle or square.

2. Draw a shape of your choice onto the rectangle or square of paper. You can either draw the shape on freehand or you can design the shape on some strong card first (I used my cereal box) then cut this out and use it as a template. Since my original design was for a wedding, I chose a heart shape. Here, I designed a simple dress template, which could be used for a girl’s birthday card or as an invitation to a girl’s christening or birthday party. Again, you could mark out the shape with a coloured pen so that you are left with a thin outline when you cut it out.

3. Cut the shape from the paper so that you are left with a silhouette of your chosen shape. Use small scissors for this so you can be precise. Remember you needn’t worry about cutting straight into the middle of the shape!

4. Stick your rectangle or square of paper onto the folded card, leaving a 1 cm border around the edges of the paper. Draw any lines, shapes or words onto the card that are part of your design. Write your message inside the card, pop in the envelope, and voila! Your card is complete!

Occasions suited to – Any

Time to make – 15-45 minutes depending upon intricacy of design

Cost – the card, paper and envelope cost me about £1.50, but I bought them all individually. Bulk buy to significantly reduce cost.

One Response to “The Simple Cut-Out”
  1. Cracking looking cards there Miss Brand!

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